NUS iGEM team is one of 10 teams that won the 2019 Promega iGEM Grant (out of over 150 applicants)! From the proposal: “We plan to extend the exponential phase of bacteria by making them undergo a ‘sleep-wake’ cycle.”

Promega Connections, 20 June 2019

NUS iGEM team is one of 10 teams globally that won a highly competitive bid for SYNBIO, with the prize of a next-generation versatile robotics system, the Opentron

NUS iGEM, 20 May 2019

Genetically modified bacteria enlisted in fight against disease

Nature news, 21 June 2018

Joint venture serves up healthier food products

NUS news, 19 June 2018

Bio-Based Economy Gains Momentum

RIE news, Pg 12-13 | Issue 1 | April 2018

Cocktail of bacteria and broccoli may keep cancer at bay

The Straits Times | 15 February 2018

Microbes in the medical bag: Matthew Chang

Knowable Magazine | 4 January 2018

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Matthew Chang

Asian Scientist Magazine | 24 November 2017

Comic-stripping science of its mysteries

The Straits Times | 8 September 2017

Programming Germs to Fight Diseases

NUS Medicine Newsletter | 27 July 2017

No Space for Data? Store it in DNA

The Straits Times | 23 June 2017

7th International Meeting on Synthetic Biology

NUS News | 13-16 June 2017

Engineering Nature to Prevent Disease Signals Potential of Synthetic Biology

The Straits Times | 13 June 2017

From Living On Earth to Living With Earth

The Straits Times | 9 June 2017

• Engineering ‘Good’ Bacteria to Kill Bad Ones
• Biosensors to Cheaply Detect Infectious Diseases
• Synthetic Biology and The Fountain of Youth

The Straits Times | 9 June 2017

Special Programme in Science – Undergraduate Team Wins Gold in International Competition in Collaboration with SynCTI

iGEM NUS | 27-31 October 2016

Agilent Helps Researcher Tackle Fundamental Challenges in Synthetic Biology

Agilent | 1 June 2016

Bacteria Used to Extract Precious Metals from E-Waste in NUS Study

The Straits Times | 8 April 2016

NUS Making Waves in The Brave New World of Synthetic Biology

The Straits Times | 2 October 2015

NUS Sets Sights on Synthetic Biology

The Straits Times | 2 October 2015

The Everyday Scientist

Our People our Pride, NUHS | 21 August 2015

Smart Probiotics

NewScientist | 6 June 2015

3 Ways to Turn Waste Grease into Biodiesel

Earth and Environment, NUS | 12 May 2015

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