7th International Meeting on Synthetic Biology

13-16th June 2017

Special Programme in Science – led Undergraduate team wins gold in international competition in collaboration with SynCTI

27-31 October 2016

Agilent Helps Researcher Tackle Fundamental Challenges In Synthetic Biology

1st June 2016

Bacteria used to extract precious metals from e-waste in NUS study

8th April 2016

Why are haze-causing fires hard to put out?

5th November 2015

NUS making waves in the brave new world of synthetic biology

2nd October 2015

NUS sets sights on synthetic biology

2nd October 2015

NUHS Our people our pride – featuring A/P Yew Wen Shan

21st August 2015

Smart Probiotics in New Scientist

6th June 2015

3 Ways to Turn Waste Grease into Biodiesel in Earth and Environment Futurity

12th May 2015

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