Singapore BioFoundry

Being part of the Global Biofoundry Alliance (GBA), SynCTI’s Biofoundry is the platform where we mould biology to serve a translatable outcome. The foundry is an integrated facility based on the concept of Design, Build, Test and Learn and is heavily automated to perform routine as well as specialized tasks in a high-throughput manner. Our skilled workforce applies these advanced platforms to biosystems in order to generate a range of applications like novel assay platforms for metabolite detection, automation and therapeutics. We also believe in fostering advanced research through international collaborations and aim to become a central hub for synthetic biology research in Asia.

Featured Capabilities

Automation and Software

Rewiring Genetic circuits for futuristic biotechnology applications

At SynCTI, armed by a powerful software interface, our design scientists have skilfully crafted methodologies form redesigning the genetic circuits to implementing it experimentally to test its functionality in biosystems to generate opportunities for wide biomedical applications. BMSS

Protein/Enzyme Design

Pathway engineering to generating value-added compounds

Enzymes/Proteins can be engineered to arrive at desired high-value compounds. The biofoundry facility at SynCTI, encompasses high-end robotic tools for protein purification, perform enzyme stability assays and analyze protein-ligand interaction. Our team has achieved great strides in meticulously redesigning proteins to optimize various metabolic pathways.

Rapid High-performance Strain Engineering

Creating Novel Microbial Chassis

At SynCTI, using the state of the art robotics at the Biofoundry, our genomic and metabolic engineers are involved in rational design and construction of robust microbial chassis with unique physiological phenotypes to enable successful development of strains for industrial bioproduction.


Analysing Biomolecules to Highest precision

Quantitative evaluation of biomolecules in a given environment calls for a sound bioanalytical platform which is of paramount importance. SynCTI Biofoundry is equipped with highly sensitive assay platforms to develop analytical methods for biologics or metabolites for clinical and bioproduction studies.


Optimizing Bioprocess Scale-up

Successful bioprocess is often a reflection of the effective scale-up process. At SynCTI, we carefully develop and test optimal parameters required to scale up pilot fermentation processes for growth and production studies of microbial and mammalian cells.

Global BioFoundry Alliance

Biofoundries provide an integrated infrastructure to enable the rapid design, construction, and testing of genetically reprogrammed organisms for biotechnology applications and research. Many biofoundries are being built and a Global Biofoundry Alliance has recently been established to coordinate activities worldwide.

As described in a new article published in Nature Communications, the Alliance aims to accelerate and enhance research in synthetic biology, promote the use of automation and high-throughput equipment and novel tools for engineering biology. The ultimate outcome will be a robust engineering & synthetic biology industry with broad public benefits.